Legendary Dragon Decks

Legendary Dragon Decks

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Yu-Gi-Oh! - Legendary Dragon Decks

Very few monsters are as popular and instantly recognizable as the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME’s many dragons! Be they magical, mechanical, or multi-dimensional, dragons capture the hearts and minds of Duelists everywhere as they decimate their opponents on the Dueling field. This holiday season, Duelists can get their hands on 3 unique Decks featuring some of the game’s most fearsome dragons, and brand-new cards to power up each in Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Legendary Dragon Decks!

Legendary Dragons of Atlantis!

The powers of the Legendary Dragons of Atlantis – Timaeus, Critias, and Hermos – were sealed into Spell Cards, used by Yugi, Kaiba, and Joey to fight against Dartz and The Seal of Orichalcos! The Eye of Timaeus, The Fang of Critias, and The Claw of Hermos are well-loved by Duelists everywhere for their ability to Fusion Summon a wide variety of unique monsters using only one material! All 3 Spells and all of their Fusions are included in this Deck inspired by Yugi’s final Duel against Dartz, as is a brand-new Fusion Monster born of The Eye of Timaeus and Yugi’s famed Dark Magician!

Cyber Dragons!

Many Duelists consider Cyber Dragon to be the most influential monster ever created, so it’s only natural that it’s earned the title of “legendary”! Cyber Dragon originally debuted in 2005’s Cybernetic Revolution along with 2 Fusion Monster forms Summoned by combining multiple Cyber Dragons together. Eleven years later in Breakers of Shadow, Cyber Dragon Infinity shocked the Dueling world with its incredible power and became a household name. This Deck is packed with the best that Cyber Dragon and its many Fusion and Xyz Monster forms have to offer along with a brand-new Fusion Monster!

Dimensional Dragons!

Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V’s Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon sparked a series of Dragons that covered the entire spectrum of Extra Deck monster types, and threw in a Ritual Monster for good measure. Adaptability is the defining feature of the “Odd-Eyes” strategy, starting from Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon’s dual nature as a way to search other Pendulum Monsters from your Deck and a way to end Duels in a flash with its double-damage ability. This Deck fills the final gap in the “Odd-Eyes” arsenal with a brand new “Odd-Eyes” Pendulum Monster!

• Each Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Legendary Dragon Decks set contains 153 cards:
• Two 40-card Decks with 11-card Extra Decks
• One 41-card Deck with a 10-card Extra Deck. This Deck includes variant art of Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon, Clear Wing Synchro Dragon, and Starving Venom Fusion Dragon
• Each Deck has 5 foil cards

Release 2017-10-05



Legendary Dragons of Atlantis  
LEDD-ENA00 Dark Magician the Dragon Knight Ultra Rare
LEDD-ENA01 Dark Magician Common
LEDD-ENA02 Dark Magician Girl Common
LEDD-ENA03 Apprentice Illusion Magician Ultra Rare
LEDD-ENA04 Magician's Robe Common
LEDD-ENA05 Magician's Rod Common
LEDD-ENA06 Skilled Dark Magician Common
LEDD-ENA07 Legendary Knight Timaeus Common
LEDD-ENA08 Legendary Knight Critias Common
LEDD-ENA09 Legendary Knight Hermos Common
LEDD-ENA10 Breaker the Magical Warrior Common
LEDD-ENA11 Magical Exemplar Common
LEDD-ENA12 Big Shield Gardna Common
LEDD-ENA13 Absolute Crusader Common
LEDD-ENA14 Dark Magic Curtain Common
LEDD-ENA15 Dark Magical Circle Ultra Rare
LEDD-ENA16 Illusion Magic Common
LEDD-ENA17 Dark Magic Expanded Common
LEDD-ENA19 Dark Magic Inheritance Common
LEDD-ENA19 Thousand Knives Common
LEDD-ENA20 Dark Magic Attack Common
LEDD-ENA21 The Eye of Timaeus Common
LEDD-ENA22 The Fang of Critias Common
LEDD-ENA23 The Claw of Hermos Common
LEDD-ENA24 Legend of Heart Common
LEDD-ENA25 Swords of Revealing Light Common
LEDD-ENA26 Pot of Duality Common
LEDD-ENA27 Reinforcement of the Army Common
LEDD-ENA28 Eternal Soul Ultra Rare
LEDD-ENA29 Magician Navigation Ultra Rare
LEDD-ENA30 Dark Renewal Common
LEDD-ENA31 Crush Card Virus Common
LEDD-ENA32 Mirror Force Common
LEDD-ENA33 Tyrant Wing Common
LEDD-ENA34 Dark Paladin Common
LEDD-ENA35 Amulet Dragon Common
LEDD-ENA36 Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight Common
LEDD-ENA37 Doom Virus Dragon Common
LEDD-ENA38 Tyrant Burst Dragon Common
LEDD-ENA39 Mirror Force Dragon Common
LEDD-ENA40 Time Magic Hammer Common
LEDD-ENA41 Rocket Hermos Cannon Common
LEDD-ENA42 Goddess Bow Common
LEDD-ENA43 Red-Eyes Black Dragon Sword Common
Cyber Dragon Deck    
LEDD-ENB00 Chimeratech Megafleet Dragon Ultra Rare
LEDD-ENB01 Cyber Dragon Common
LEDD-ENB02 Cyber Dragon Zwei Common
LEDD-ENB03 Cyber Dragon Drei Common
LEDD-ENB04 Cyber Dragon Core Common
LEDD-ENB05 Proto-Cyber Dragon Common
LEDD-ENB06 Cyber Valley Common
LEDD-ENB07 Cyber Phoenix Common
LEDD-ENB08 Cyber Dinosaur Common
LEDD-ENB09 Cyber Eltanin Common
LEDD-ENB10 Armored Cybern Common
LEDD-ENB11 Machina Fortress Common
LEDD-ENB12 Cyber Repair Plant Common
LEDD-ENB13 Cybernetic Fusion Support Common
LEDD-ENB14 Evolution Burst Common
LEDD-ENB15 Power Bond Common
LEDD-ENB16 Overload Fusion Common
LEDD-ENB17 Future Fusion Common
LEDD-ENB18 Limiter Removal Common
LEDD-ENB19 Machina Armored Unit Common
LEDD-ENB20 Cyber Network Common
LEDD-ENB21 Cyber Shadow Gardna Common
LEDD-ENB22 Storming Mirror Force Common
LEDD-ENB23 Quaking Mirror Force Common
LEDD-ENB24 Drowning Mirror Force Common
LEDD-ENB25 Cyber End Dragon Common
LEDD-ENB26 Cyber Twin Dragon Common
LEDD-ENB27 Chimeratech Overdragon Common
LEDD-ENB28 Chimeratech Fortress Dragon Common
LEDD-ENB29 Chimeratech Rampage Dragon Common
LEDD-ENB30 Cyber Dragon Nova Common
LEDD-ENB31 Cyber Dragon Infinity Ultra Rare
Dimensional Dragons Deck  
LEDD-ENC00 Odd-Eyes Arc Pendulum Dragon Ultra Rare
LEDD-ENC01 Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon Common
LEDD-ENC02 Supreme King Dragon Odd-Eyes Common
LEDD-ENC03 Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon Common
LEDD-ENC04 Odd-Eyes Persona Dragon Common
LEDD-ENC05 Odd-Eyes Mirage Dragon Common
LEDD-ENC06 Performapal Odd-Eyes Light Phoenix Common
LEDD-ENC07 Performapal Odd-Eyes Unicorn Common
LEDD-ENC08 Performapal Skullcrobat Joker Common
LEDD-ENC09 Performapal Rain Goat Common
LEDD-ENC10 Performapal U Go Golem Common
LEDD-ENC11 Nobledragon Magician Common
LEDD-ENC12 Odd-Eyes Gravity Dragon Common
LEDD-ENC13 Sky Iris Common
LEDD-ENC14 Odd-Eyes Fusion Common
LEDD-ENC15 Odd-Eyes Advent Common
LEDD-ENC16 Spiral Flame Strike Common
LEDD-ENC17 Duelist Alliance Common
LEDD-ENC18 Pendulum Impenetrable Common
LEDD-ENC19 Pendulum Storm Common
LEDD-ENC20 Pot of Riches Common
LEDD-ENC21 Terraforming Common
LEDD-ENC22 Echo Oscillation Common
LEDD-ENC23 Pendulum Reborn Common
LEDD-ENC24 Pendulum Switch Common
LEDD-ENC25 Starving Venom Fusion Dragon Ultra Rare
LEDD-ENC26 Supreme King Dragon Starving Venom Common
LEDD-ENC27 Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon Common
LEDD-ENC28 Performapal Gatlinghoul Common
LEDD-ENC29 Clear Wing Synchro Dragon Ultra Rare
LEDD-ENC30 Supreme King Dragon Clear Wing Common
LEDD-ENC31 Odd-Eyes Meteorburst Dragon Common
LEDD-ENC32 Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon Ultra Rare
LEDD-ENC33 Supreme King Dragon Dark Rebellion Common
LEDD-ENC34 Odd-Eyes Absolute Dragon Common

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